Articles should be unpublished works on the research, critique and dissemination of scientific activities in architecture. An anonymous, external peer review will evaluate the relevance of the article, its contribution to the knowledge of the topic, its innovative proposals, the correct establishment of relationships, the critical argumentation it provides, the bibliographic references used by the author, and the correctness of its writing.

Authors have the right to protect their intellectual property. ZARCH licenses the content of the authors, they have the copyright of their works. Authors can transfer the copyright of their works to the publishers of ZARCH.

The journal does not charge any fee to the authors per publication, nor to the readers for access to the articles.

Authors already published in ZARCH are strongly recommended to consider other journals for new submissions during the following two years of their last publication.

1. Length

Articles should be written and submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc file)
Maximum length: 6000 words (including footnotes, captions and bibliography)
Font: Times New Roman (PC) or Times Roman (Mac)

2. Page Layout

Margins: Top: 3 cm. Lower: 3 cm. Left: 3 cm. Right: 2 cm.
Headers: No headers or footers allowed.
Page Numbering: Location: bottom of the page. Alignment: Right

3. First Page

 It should consist of:

Article Title: It should be concise and informative, with a maximum extension of 80 characters, in English and in Spanish. Format: Times New Roman, bold, size 12; paragraph spacing: before 12 pt, after 18 pt, line spacing:  exactly 18.
Summary: It should not be longer than 12 lines, in English and in Spanish. Format: Times New Roman italic, size 9; paragraph spacing:  before: 6 pt; after: 6 pt; exact spacing, 12 points. Author’s name: It should be written in bold letters. Justified alignment.
Keywords: Up to a maximum of six significant keywords should be included, in English and in Spanish.

4. Main Text

It should be written in Times New Roman, size 11, after spacing of 6 points, line spacing of exactly 15 points, and justified alignment. Do not use customized text formats. Authors may use italics to emphasize a term if they wish.

Paragraph Titles: Paragraph headings should be left aligned, no indent, no numbering, according to the following format:
Title, Level 1 (Times New Roman size 11, spacing before: 18 points, spacing after: 12 points; paragraph spacing: exactly 12 points.)
Title, Level 2 (Times New Roman size 11, spacing before: 18 points, spacing after: 12 points; paragraph spacing: exactly 12 points.)

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