Request for permission

This draft is just a guide, to be adapted according to the nature of each request.

Dear Sir or Madam  ----------------,                                                                                          
I am writing to inform you that we would be delighted to publish the article "---------------------" in ZARCH magazine, a Journal of interdisciplinary studies in Architecture and Urbanism, published by the Architectural Department of the School of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Zaragoza.
The aim of our magazine is to spread the communication of research in architecture and urbanism. Published articles are submitted to an anonymous external peer review and the magazine also benefits from an Advisory Body which includes national and intenational experts in their field. It is available online  - via the Zaragoza University homepage and the Architecture Department website – and as a limited paper edition distributed in libraries and via inter-university exchanges.
To support and promote the article we would like to include the following images (attached):

  1. "--------------------------------------------",
  2. "--------------------------------------------", .

According to the norms of the Editorial Committee and the University of Zaragoza and given the scientific and non-profit nature of our magazine, I would also like to request your authorization to reproduce the aforementioned images. If you are in agreement, I would be most grateful if you could you provide us with the relevant details so that we can accurately cite the origin of the document and images.
Thank you in advance for your assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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