Submission procedure

All articles must be submitted through the OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS (O.J.S.) digital platform of the journal:
For this it is necessary to be registered as an author.

Articles must be DOC or DOCX format with images embedded at low resolution, located in the place of the text where they wish to be incorporated. The final quality images will also be sent separately, as indicated below. The text file will have as title the title of the article or its first words; figures or tables will be named the same, followed by their number. The use of metadata in files that can give information about the authorship of the article will be avoided.

The documents must comply with the indications of the sections "Articles" and "Notes / Bibliography"
The process to upload an article is as follows:

In the upper right corner, click on “Register”. Fill in all fields: given name, family name, affiliation, country.
Once completed, enter the platform. In the upper right corner, display the content in username and select “View profile”. In the “Contact” tab, fill in all the data.

In the left column, select “Submissions”. Click on “New Submission”.
Tab “1. Start”. Select the submission language. In “Section”, display the content and select “Thematic article” or “Miscellaneous”.
In “Submission Requirements”, tick the boxes after reviewing that the article meets ALL that is specified in each.
Check the privacy statement box.
Press “Save and continue”

Tab “2. Upload Submission”. Subtab “1. Upload file”: in “Article Component”, display the content and select “Article Text”. Verify that what is stated in "Ensuring a Blind Review" is complied with. Drag and drop the file in Word format (extension .doc. Maximum size 2MB). Press “Continue”.
Subtab “2. Review Details”: press “Continue”.
Subtab “3. Confirm”: press “Add another file” to repeat the process and upload each of the figures in the text.
When uploading the figures, in “Article Component”, display the content and select “Other (resolution 300 dpi, maximum size 2MB). All figures must be numbered consecutively and uploaded in order. In “2. Review Details” fill in the “Description” field (for example: Figure 1).
Al subir las figuras, en “Seleccionar el componente del artículo”, abrir cortinilla y seleccionar “Otro” (resolución 300 ppp., tamaño máximo 2MB). Todas las figuras han de estar numeradas correlativamente y subidas en orden. En la pestaña “2. Metadatos” rellenar al menos el campo “Descripción” (por ejemplo: Figura 1).
Once the text and all the figures have been uploaded, click on “Complete”.
Press “Save and Continue”.

Tab “3. Enter metadata”. Fill in in English and Spanish “Title” and “Abstract”. It is essential to fill in the two fields in both languages.
 “List of Contributors”, display the menu below the author name and press “edit”. Complete all data, including the bio statement in Spanish and English. If the article is signed by more than one author, click on “Add Contributor”. Fill in at least the fields of given name, family name, email, country, affiliation and bio statement in Spanish and English. In “Contributor’s Role”, select “Author”.
Fill in the “Keywords” field in Spanish and English.
Copy the article bibliography in the “References” field. Each reference must be on a separate line.
Press “Save and Continue”.

Tab “4. Confirmation”. Check that everything is correct. If so, click on “Finnish Submission”.
The system can return to any previous step by clicking on the corresponding tab.
If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the journal at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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