Recognize, Reconsider, Reconvert: Loos' Gaze in Three Stages

The journey here proposed starts with an apparent short-range gaze. We look at the ordinary, at everything that surrounds us in our daily life with its usual presence and whose frequency is continuous, such as everyday objects, known uses and usual ways. Al in all, a world of otherness that architecture has generally excluded from its speculative frame. Nowadays, in the uncertainty of permanent change that the end of modern positivism has created, a creative rethinking of procedures that could open new possibilities for redefining the discipline is required. Looking for the reformulation of the unexpected and the extraordinary discovery is necessary. Thus, guided and accompanied by Adolf Loos and his critical and innovative attitude, a different Modernity and another otherness is going to be traced. Hereby a route guided by his personal experience is proposed. In order to discover another way of thinking, acting and producing, this journey will take place in in three stages: Miller, Möller and Müller, that are linked by three consecutively attitudes: Recognize, Rethink and Reconvert.

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