ZARCH is specialised in the critical, theoretical and historical study of architecture and urbanism from diverse disciplines. It covers all subjects related to theory and practice of architectural and urban design.

The manuscripts received should present research that deals with the different subjects from different perspectives:

They may address current problems, presenting results and conclusions from cooperative or individual research work carried out by research groups, within R&D programmes, or derived from any other type of academic work.

They may be devoted to the critic and theory of architecture, such as essays to go deeply into relevant architectural and urban works of modernity, or into their common and recurrent aspects, or into their connections with current problems of architecture or society.

They may be papers analysing architectural or urban work, projects and plans that study the relationship between the profession and progress, that respond to current problems, or that establish a connection with fundamental research or with teaching.

They may be papers devoted to teaching architecture, that contribute to the definition of models, based on particular academic teaching experiences or on non-university courses, intensive or of large duration, that critically revise models, programmes, resources, methodologies and results, or that study ways of teaching tested in various courses.

Finally, they may be about trips, conferences or meetings, biographies or careers.

Each issue consists of the following parts:

Editorial (Own):
Paper of introduction to the special subject the issue is devoted to.
Paper written by the editorial team, the issue coordinator or an invited author.
It is evaluated by the editorial team.

Featured texts (Commissioned):
Interviews or papers commissioned by the Editorial Committee. They must present unpublished research work, critic or dissemination of scientific activities in the fields of architecture and urbanism.
They are evaluated by the editorial team.

Topic papers (Submitted manuscripts / Peer reviewed):
Papers submitted for the call for papers, and refereed.
They must present unpublished research work, critic or dissemination of scientific activities in the fields of architecture and urbanism.
They are evaluated in the double blind peer review process. The evaluation will make emphasis on the significance of the work, its contribution to knowledge in the field of study, its originality, the validity of the discourse and the critical judgment, the use of bibliography and the referencing technique, as well as in the correctness of the written text.

Miscellany (Submitted manuscripts / Peer reviewed):
Papers submitted whose content does not fit in the specific subject of the issue.
Papers of special relevance because of their content or because they are written by a renowned expert; or papers that reply to others from previous issues.
They are subject to anonymous, external and peer review.

Reviews (Commissioned):
Critical reviews of publications, expositions and conferences in the field of architecture, written by a third person.

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